Certified WACS Chef
For Indonesian CHEF

By Lina DJ 12 Jun 2017, 13:01:15 WIBPerson

Certified WACS Chef

Keterangan Gambar :

Being an International CHEF level is a great pretigious dream for every chef in Global World this day

You can work in every part of the world and regitered as International CHEF

World Associaton Chef Society (WACS) is appointed ACP Indonesia as a member International World Chef Association, and now opening the challenge of Indonesian Chef to become Certified WACS Chef

The benefits of being CERTIFIED WACS CHEF are:

1. Get your skills recognized agains Global Industry Standards

2. Show employers what you can do

3. Looks for jobs around the world


if you are interesting to become a part of World Chef, please submit your inquiries to certificationWACS@acp-indonesia.org 


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