How to become Approved Worldchef Judging

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How to become Approved Worldchef Judging

Keterangan Gambar : Approved WACS Judges

WORLDCHEFS Culinary Competition Committee has developed and implemented a Judging Seminar Program that will be proposed in all continents on a regular basis.
The Judging Seminar are mandatory for all future WORLDCHEFS Approved Judges.
WORLDCHEFS member countries have the possibility to licence the Judging Seminars for the benefit of all chefs in their region.

Attending a Judging seminar does not automatically qualify one as an Approved Judge. Applicants must fulfill all criteria laid out in this document and provide evidence where requested.


EVERYONE can participate in a judging seminar – aspiring judges, competitors, trainers, event organisers etc. – the seminar will give you skills and insights into the international culinary competition standards.
As a competitor attending a Judging Seminar will give you invaluable knowledge on what the focus on when competing.


Being a WORLDCHEFS approved judge will give you the opportunity to attend prestigious culinary events worldwide while developing your culinary skill & that of others.


  • You must be a member of a chef association who is a national member of WORLDCHEFS and in good financial standing.
  • Be a professionally qualified Chef and active as a Chef in a commercial kitchen; or a Foodservice Manager; or a Chef Educator.
  • You must have completed a WORLDCHEFS judging seminar.
  • Be able to understand and communicate in English at a reasonable level.


WORLDCHEFS maintains a list of carefully evaluated judges. WORLDCHEFS Approved Judges will make sure that a fair and consistent level is achieved around the world with specific and measured judging criteria along with standardized competition rules and guidelines.


  1. If you wish to participate to a judging seminar you can contact the organizer of the seminar of your choosing - click the See all seminars button for a list.
  2. To become a Worldchefs approved judge you must complete and return this application together with requested evidence for evaluation by the Culinary Competition Committee (CCC). Email it to us at Only complete applications will be considered.

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