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Pesan dari President WACS...4760

👤Diah Fitriana 🕔17:42:41, 15 Jun 2017

President WACS, Thomas A. Gugler memberikan pesan kepada seluruh Chef Indonesia untuk menjadi bagian dari Chef dunia Anda tertarik menjadi bagian dari Chef dunia dan diakui dunia, bergabunglah dengan ACP dan . . .

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35wcas chef.jpg

Certified WACS Chef ...1986

👤Diah Fitriana 🕔13:01:15, 12 Jun 2017

Being an International CHEF level is a great pretigious dream for every chef in Global World this day You can work in every part of the world and regitered as International CHEF World Associaton Chef Society . . .

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32TUCC 2017 .jpg

Thailand Ultimate Chef Challenge ...5565

👤Diah Fitriana 🕔10:50:06, 02 Mar 2017

Message from World Association of Chefs Societies      What an action packed event the Thailand Ultimate Chef Challenge has installed starting the 31st of May 2017 at . . .

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How to become Approved Worldchef ...799

👤Diah Fitriana 🕔10:10:34, 26 Feb 2017

WORLDCHEFS Culinary Competition Committee has developed and implemented a Judging Seminar Program that will be proposed in all continents on a regular basis. The Judging Seminar are mandatory . . .

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Updated class which already full ...3342

👤Diah Fitriana 🕔00:19:48, 25 Feb 2017

1. Updates for classes of The 11th Indonesian Salon Culinaire 2017   Class 01 Asian Pastry Cup Class 19 Fish - Tabasco Cooking Battle Class 21 Seafood - Lee Kum Kee Challenge Class 23 Team - . . .

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The 4th Penang Challenge 2017...4736

👤Diah Fitriana 🕔00:06:34, 25 Feb 2017

This weekend, from 24th-27th Feb 2017, ACP and YCCI are sending our delegation to Penang for Chef Competition at Penang Challenge 2017 on the first day, we congratulate for 1. Risha Ananda Septarini . . .

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Global Young Chef Competition...3919

👤 🕔06:56:04, 13 Feb 2017

 Good day Asia   The result are out for Global Young Chef which just took part in Lyon during the Bocuse competition: 1st Germany 2nd Sweden 3rd Singapore   If you want to be part . . .

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Presenting…Thomas A. Gugler, th...27

👤 🕔10:07:19, 22 Okt 2016

. . .

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