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As a member of World Organization of Chefs’ Societies (WorldChefs), ACP Indonesia dedicated to participating in developing the improvement of Culinary Science and Arts in Indonesia through education, professional training, and competition.

Jakarta, Indonesia , November 24th 2021

The Association of Culinary Professionals, Indonesian Chapter have finally fulfilled its dreams and aspirations in advancing Indonesian cuisine in general, with the realization of the Basic Culinary Knowledge book, Series 1.

Aside from ACP’s intention as a contribution to the culinary world, this book also reflects the fundamental purpose for which this association was formed, as for decades almost most culinary reference books were guided by the Internationally renowned literature.

ACP believes that the next generation of culinary talents will need to continue to uphold, maintain and further develop the culinary traditions of our Indonesian cultural heritage. Therefore, therein lies the need for a properly curated literature, which offers the basic knowledge to guide culinary enthusiasts, currently in vocational and higher education.

The launch of this book, marks the first of many series, that will be donated to world of culinary education in Indonesia, it is with great hope that Indonesian students will become a critical milestone in preserving Indonesian culinary in their own country and even abroad.

This book has been designed for Educational purposes only. We would greatly appreciate that it is not copied or sold for  commercial purpose.

Follow this link for the e-book:

What we do

Member Gathering

Dedicated to all ACP member to socialize and networking within culinary industry expertise which held every month

Education Workshop

Designed to teach or introduce culinary knowledge and experiences especially to young chefs and vocational student


A showcase to the world of culinary how Indonesian cuisine improve and elevate to higher level of creativities and skills

Meet our new ACP President period of service 2021-2024, Chef Rafael Triloko. He is  a chef with deep roots in Chinese cuisine, has gained a pretty diverse range of experience in the hospitality industry. Chef Rafael now works as a corporate chef for Biko Group.

Along with him, there are Chef Sabir Mappakaya as a Vice President of ACP Indonesia and Chef Timotius Agus Rachmat as a secretary general.

We believe they can bring this association to the greatest success and able to give benefit to others around us.

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